Lost in sound

Greyworld – Trace @ Hampton Court – Mon-Sun 1000-1630

Hampton Court Maze

Hampton Court Maze

“Trace is a permanent sound installation for the historic maze at Hampton Court Palace. As visitors pass through the maze they trigger a series of sounds that capture the intrigue and mystery of the maze’s rich heritage.”

This audio installation consists of 1,000 sounds which are activated by sensors as disorientated adventurers wonder around Hampton Court’s 17th century hedge maze – the sounds  of laughter, whispers and music are intended to tempt maze-goers deeper into the maze.

At the same time the sounds made by people in the maze are recorded and played out in other parts of the maze – ‘so the present experiences of the maze are woven together with past sounds to create a rich tapestry of experience.’

An early sketch of Railings

An early sketch of Railings

Greyworld’s first sound installations were ‘Railings’ – where metal railings in London and Paris were tuned (often without permission) so that if a stick or umbrella was dragged across them, rather than hearing your standard ‘rattattat’, the railings would play The Girl From Ipanema.


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