Japanese sculptor/sound artist brings noisy retro junk to the UK

Ujino and The Rotators – Haywood 18 Feb – 29 Apr FREE

vacuum cleaner + guitar = noise

Ujino Muneteru describes his Rotators as bands.

Each Rotator consists of three, usually heavily modified, electrical appliances all conducted by a Rotator Head (A DJ turntable customised to rhythmically operate three electric switches).

As the record turns the different electrical devices spurt on and off tunefully like a Mad Max music box.

Over the course of his residency Ujino is taking donations of pre-1985 domestic appliances which he’s using to add to his retro mechanical orchestra.

Check it out.

Recording of installation at Haywood Gallery.
Rotators 05/03/09 Haywood

Footage of Ujino’s Rotator installation in China’s Guandong Museum of Art


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