Big in silence…

Matt Rogalsky – ‘S’
Limited edition box sets of 24 cds priced at 500 pounds each – available now!



John Cage was into it.  Simon and Garfunkle both loved it .  If you too are a fan of silence Matt Rogalsky is an artist you should keep an eye on.

He made his mark on the world of silent sound art with ‘S’ in 2002. 

To make ‘S’ Rogalsky used special software to ‘harvest’ all the silences – the gaps between words and sounds etc – from a 24 hour period of Radio 4 programming.

“I have been very interested in the range of listener responses,” Rogalsky says. “Some people hear an urgency suggesting something dark and sinister… several people have found this material erotic.”

Copies of the box set are still available at:

Since ‘S’ Rogalsky has got on with some noisier work as well as exploring more silent material, including performances of John Cage’s pieces and running workshops on Silence as Part of a Conference.


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