Bent festival @ The Tank, New York on April 16, 17, 18

Whoo.  Soldering irons at the ready, Furbies beware, it’s time to go through the Speak and Spell…

The Bent festival is an annual celebration of destroying children’s toys in the pursuit of ugly electronic noises.

This year’s monster mash is going to consist of performances, installations, exhibitions and workshops as well as the launch of Nic Collins’ new book “Handmade Electronic Music”.

For more goto the festival’s myspace.

If you can’t make it to New York here’s some bizarre distorted electronic business straight from a north London bedroom courtesy of Andrew Higgs…

A Gibson ES-137 being played throught a circuit bent Squarewave EK-001 semi-analogue synth with modifications including a high pass filter, modulation and overdrive.  Inspector Higgs is using the guitar volume control, tone and pickup switch to adjust pitch and overdrive on the keyboard… enchanting!

The EK-001 was bent by Resonannce Circuits.


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