Rain Music and Soundscapes of Scary Places

20 April 2009 Art and Soundscapes: Hildegard Westerkamp and Peter Cusack @ Goldsmiths College

Both sides of the field recording coin were explored in this event which saw documentary-style sound recordist Peter Cusack and field recording sound composer Hildegard Westerkamp talking about their work.

You can hear some of Hildegard Westerkamp’s compositions on her website…

One of her more unusial compositions, in that it isn’t comprised of recorded and manipulated sound, is her Harbour Symphony:

”The Harbour Symphony that I was commissioned to compose for the Canada Pavilion here in Vancouver for EXPO ’86 was a crazy piece with over 100 boat horns playing in the harbour of Vancouver. It was an exciting social event but as a composition in its own right really does not quite make it. The Globe and Mail was right when it commented that the piece sounded like “a bunch of happy elephants in a traffic jam”.’

Listen again to Programme 2 of Sounds of Science which features Peter Cusack:


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