Loops, bloops and clicks: Joan La Barbara

To mark the end of the ICA’s fantastic Talk Show season Joan La Barbara is going to be pushing the limits of vocal mentalism in a performance on the 31st.

Should be something like this…

…Beardyman eat your heart out.

But maybe not.  Maybe they should have a battle.  Head to head.  Giant vocal mechanoids grappling for noise supremacy.  That would be good.

Beardyman is going to be banging his face at Electrowerkz on the 12th of June.  Joan should stick around…

Imagine it….

As a tangental aside… isn’t it weird how experimental musicians go for childrens tv?  

Not only did Joan La Barbara collaborate with Philip Glass, John Cage etc.  she also composed the soundtrack for Sesame Street’s Sign Alphabet… bee, b, B, BEE, BEEEE!


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