Synthetic voices, Skateboarding and Sirens

Recently I have been reminded how much I like synthetic voices.

PWBC Global Skateboarding News - Stay up to date with what is going on in East London and further afield


But sythesised voices are not only put to good use in nonsensical skateboarding current affairs programming.

Paul Elliman likes typefaces and makes synthetic voices tell stories…

…also, it seems, he takes the concept of the sound walks and sound ecology to its ridiculous conclusion.

“The field trips will gather experts and amateurs alike for a siren-watch across the city, applying the observation and audio surveillance techniques of local wildlife groups and the sonic analysis of a New York City department of environmental acoustics. Participants will include artists Natalie Jeremijenko, following the impact of the sirens on city pigeons, bats and other local species, Maximilian Goldfarb, for whom the emergency cry is an entirely ambivalent signal for both safety and danger, and Daisy Press, a New York-based operatic singer who uses the siren sounds as model for her own repertoire of non-verbal voice exercises.”


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