Angel of Squelch

Known as the artist who makes bad computer games worse then exhibits them in art galleries Cory Arcangel is also a massive techno nerd and an chip tune originator.

His crew was/is Beige Records and their slogan used to be ‘8-bit’s for life bi-atch’.

One of their original 8-bit techno records has just been repressed. The seminal  ‘8-bit Construction Set’ battle vinyl.

Beige Records say…

currently receiving play from an impressive array of tastemakers including matthew herbert, mixmaster mike, bodenstandig 2000, dj godfather, and luke vibert, The 8-Bit Construction Set seems poised to redefine the very limits of what one can put on a slab of wax. half dj battle record/half concept album, The 8-Bit Construction Set record is also the first ever use of the vinyl recording medium for software distribution – the inside tracks are audio data which can be dubbed to cassette tape and booted in your respective atari or commodore 8-bit computers (guinness world record for first-ever vinyl-to-software programming is currently pending). and, as if you still had doubts about these artists’ chops, you should know that this record was entirely programmed in 6502 assembly language. beat that. 


At the Oberlin Conservatory Cory Arcangel majored in classical guitar and composition nad minored in programming. The result is some clumsy hacking and exquisite chiptune.

But while he is most famous for his desecration of Nintendo cartridges he has recently got up to some interesting sound business.

In Drei Klavierstücke, op. 11- III Arcangel has re-edited videos of cats playing the piano in order to make them play the Shoenberg’s seminal serialist work of the same name.

Another project of Arcangel is Born to Run Glockenspiel Addendum.

If you want more go the Lisson Gallery where Arcangelis exbiting his until January 17. (But there isn’t any of the rad Nintendo stuff just some lame Photoshop business.)


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