Peter Cusack is always tape recording

This is a man who is never not tape recording.

Click on the image of Dr Cusack to be taken to the website of his excellent Favourite Sounds of London project.

Think of a sound then email it to him and say it is your favourite sound in London and he’ll go and record it then put it on his website.

If you’re thinking you can lure him to his death by emailing in sounds that you can only hear in dangerous places… it’s not going to work…

In another of his projects called ‘Sounds From Dangerous Places’ Cusack visits sites which have sustained major environmental damage and makes audio recordings.

Peter Cusack intensely hears danger ear first with no regard for his personal safety


If you click on the above woman you can treat your ears to some of the most dangerous sounds around including a chorus of Chernobyl frogs.


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