Pension Plans & Barrow Jams

Was out and about for the cuts March last week. Mobile sound systems and angry samba bands were out in force.

The Occupy LSX Samba Band even led the assault on Xstrata HQ.

Of course London isn’t the only site of protest which has seen protest noise and sound system innovation.

During the protests in Tahrir Square Egyptians rigged up sound systems powered by lamp-posts so they could stay up to date with what was going on:

‘In Tahrir Square, expectations were high. Many had come to take part in revelry, but Mr Mubarak’s speech continued to be postponed. Jokes began to circulate about why he was so late, with the consensus being that he was, after all, an Egyptian, a people not known for their punctuality. Amidst the drumbeats and jovial chants, time passed.

And then the bubble burst. In Tahrir Square, the crowds huddled around speakers powered from lamp-posts or made phone calls to relatives who held their handsets close to televisions. A rare silence fell over central Cairo.’


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