Anger, Revolution And Classical Sound

I’ve already mentioned about the sounds used to stop riots and the music played at riots but what about the music that starts riots?

Stumbled upon this great list on Wikipedia:

Classical Music Riot

classical music riot is violent, disorderly behavior that occurs upon (usually) the premiere of a controversial piece of classical music.

Examples include:

A long list of bangers, but here is a bit more about a couple of my favorites.

Four Organs
A big tune and certainly something to get you feeling all riled and agro.
Durr dur durrrrrrr.
‘A 1973 performance of Four Organs at Carnegie Hall in New York City nearly caused a riot, with “yells for the music to stop, mixed with applause to hasten the end of the piece.”[5] One of the performers, Michael Tilson Thomas, recalls: “One woman walked down the aisle and repeatedly banged her head on the front of the stage, wailing ‘Stop, stop, I confess.'”[6][7]

Hungry for more? Here is some further radio listening.

Ballet Mechanique
Robot music original.

“The present day composers refuse to die.” – International Composers’ Guild Manifesto
Varese is another super cool originator.
Especially interesting I reckon is Verese’s preoccupation with space (and architecture) and sound. I’ve mentioned his collaboration with Le Corbusier before. But architecture was also important in Verese’s early work . He wrote Rhapsodie Romane as a student around 1905 and that was response to the architecture of the Cathederal St. Philibert in Tournus.
Frank Zappa’s mother allowed him to call Varese as his 15th birthday present (but he wasn’t in).


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