Sounds From The Riverbank

It’s been an aquatic couple of week’s on Radio 3’s In Between the ears. This week’s feature offers us the muttered Chinese whispering and drip-dropping of Goodbye Again and Again. It’s an exploration of Xu Zhimo’s ‘Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again’, a poem that all Chinese children are made to recite at school but few in the UK have heard of. This feature offers you insight into Xu Zhimo, and how fits into the wider landscape of Chinese poetry and at the same time offers an insight into how Chinese visitors see English culture.

A fitting followup to last week’s In Between the Ears: The Odyssey of Eels, a squelchy and muddy slide into of the world of eels. “A moonlit night on the River Parrett; James Crowden waits with secretive netsmen for the elver run. Each spring these tiny creatures, glass eels, wriggle in their millions out of the Atlantic. No one can afford to eat elvers now; they are bought live for restocking Europe’s rivers. James eavesdrops on deals struck behind vans as elvers are sold for hundreds of pounds a kilo.”

Reminds me a little of that giant of watery radio, Roger Deakin’s Cigarette on the Wavney:


One response to “Sounds From The Riverbank

  1. Prof. Charles Melville talks about the Shahnama on ABC radio (Australia) in an epidode of the weekly programme Creative Instinct broadcast on Saturday, 9th June, 2012.

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