We are dedicated to hunting down and exposing sound exploits and noisy goings on in London.

LSA wants to know if you are up to something – eg. vibrating something, hitting something with a stick, tape recording something, listening to someone hitting something with a stick, sitting in a dark room humming, writing a book on the acoustic qualities of breakfast cereals (Rice Crispies dominating the scene no doubt, followed by Coco-Pops, then maybe Start – it’s quite crunchy), running workshops on how to hit things with sticks, gaffer taping Speak and Spells to chickens, reversing vacuum cleaners through brass instruments etc.

Yeah, we’re interested.


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  1. language sound text noise.

  2. Editing together a mini doc on the ‘Oramics’ synth as made and pioneered in the 50’s by Daphne Oram of the BBC Radiophonics workshop. Uses drawing on 35mm film to manipulate sound waves generated through a kitchen cabinet filled with electronics (literally).

    I was there to film in Brixton earlier this year when the synth was delivered back to the UK to be restored after 30 years in a french shed.

    You interested in putting it up when it’s done?


  3. London Sound Survey at http://www.soundsurvey.org.uk.

    Fund hobbies, not art.

  4. I think every borough should have a kind of hobby workshop space, where you’d have access to lathes, workbenches, soldering irons etc, maybe even a small foundry. Plus a lock-up cupboard to store your project bits and pieces in. Not everyone’s got a garden shed or garage for doing stuff like that in, city-dwellers in particular.

  5. That’s the stuff.

  6. HEY
    I’ma composer of my own Sound-ART get in contact with me.

  7. Hi ive just moved to london and am a performer of slimey noisy stuff and was wondering if anyone could help me out in finding places to perform? Im not asking to be set up with a gig just wondering if someone could hope point me in the right direction.
    Love the blog, its great to find things like this.

  8. ummm – how slimey?

  9. Hi there,

    With the John Cage centennial being this year, you may be interested in a project I created last year called ‘Some London Life’. I may also be getting a couple of related works in some public space this summer too. I’m always open to projects and collaboration so feel free to get in touch if you like.

    ‘Some London Life’: http://www.Jay-Harris.co.uk/?page_id=1373



    Here’s some blurb on where it came from:
    “I started with John Cage’s notions that all sounds within a performance are relevant and can make a contribution. In his ‘4’ 33’’’ and ‘Silent Prayer’ I saw the possibility of an individual’s focus being allowed to let in noises that occurred during a performance but not necessarily intended as part of the performance. I found it interesting that I could use any sounds that naturally occur, and are therefore out of my control, but reverse John Cage’s notions of freedom and work against elitist musical symbolism to form them into something of my own desire and force meaning into them by changing how the sounds were presented; the depiction of journey and London as carefree were ideas that I wanted to inject into ‘Some London Life’. What essentially happened was a focus on various atmospheres and spaces that were created from the real spaces I visited, but re-ordered to convey my own thoughts. It was hoped that although these meanings were abstract and forced into symbolism, the natural sounds would trigger thoughts in the head of the listener that would be relevant to their life whether to not they understood the language of music. This is because, although many people in the world may not be able to recognise the sound of a viola, for example, the sound of a car or trees moving in the wind, would be readily available from memory and therefore more easily understood and processed.”

  10. Awesome, can I place a pre-order for Soundsystem 2030?! 🙂 I stumbled across your blog through your posts on Sound/Protest – I’m doing my MA research around the subject. In fact I’m trying to mix up the protest soundscape a little with an audio flash mob in London this Sat 13 Oct 2012: http://www.facebook.com/events/534542836562620/

  11. This is a way cool idea, followed and spreading the word. Canadian love 😀

  12. Check out my dodgy recordings. Ive done a track where I mixed random crow sounds id recorded on my zen player (itsgit a little mic and high pitches come out all rattly) – Anyway I transformed the bit of sound into DIGITAL ZOMBIE CROWS.
    Ive been recording alot around the Horniman Museum, Forest Hill – they’ve put in some chimes and drums outside and the dulcimer in the free music room is wicked!
    Anyway its all helped to inspire my new lo-fi record – Zeitghoul (In Love WIth The Zeitghost)

    PS Im liking this site already!! Great links

  13. That crow recording is pretty sinister!
    I’ve never been to the Horniman Museum but their music gallery looks wicked. Making plans to visist later this week!

  14. Yes always worth a visit – though I go too often because I live nearby and my 2 year old gets loads out of it. In fact I was there today showing her the fish and tellong stories……. Anyway, yes the sound is dark – its just real birds slowed down but I thought it had collaging potential when I found it on a recording where i was just playing the chimes outside…….I often start with a captured sound like this and use it to structure a more orchestrated record………Cheers!…..PS. If you see a bald guy chasing a very quick 2 year old there….thats me!

  15. Hello Londonsoundart!

    I’m writing from the Royal British Society of Sculptors where one of our visual artists is currently collaborating with Royal College of Music composers Raquel García-Tomás, Ryan Cockerham, and the duo Sam Delves and Elis Czernaik to create sound pieces in response to his work on the forecourt, InVisible.

    At the society’s headquarters at 108 Old Brompton Road, London, SW7 3RA, on the 19th June at 6.30pm, they will discuss the materiality of sound, what appealed to each about combining such different media and how it enables us to reinterpret both the sculpture and perhaps our appreciation of sound and music. The talk is free and all are welcome. If you (and any of your audience) might be interested, please do not hesitate to send me an email at exhibition@rbs.org.uk.



    Aïcha Mehrez
    Project Co-ordinator

  16. Dear London Sound Art,

    I am writing to let you know about my recent project, ‘Black Rhino: A Notorious Anthology’. It’s a spoken work compilation with words by The Notorious B.I.G. and spoken by British feminist actress, Fionnuala Kennedy. Listen to a sample here: https://soundcloud.com/llicc/machine-gun-funk

    Best wishes,

  17. Thought you might be interested in this event at Durham Brass Festival which celebrates ‘real noise’ in a quiet way…
    Stillaphone by louie+jesse
    The Music School, Palace Green, DH1 3RL, 10am-4.30pm, Free

    Stillaphone explores the connection between sound and architecture in the historic surroundings of the Music School on Palace Green. 18 brass vessels will be hung from the double vaulted ceiling around torso height. Drops of water will fall from the rafters into the vessels creating a resonant ‘klang’ which will change throughout the day as the volume of water increases. This immersive and meditative installation takes inspiration from the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius who, in his influential Ten Books on Architecture, mentions the enigmatic ‘Sounding Vessels’. He says these urns should be ‘placed at regular intervals around the space to improve the acoustics’.

  18. Murmur is an idiosyncratic electronic musician based in London. Listen to the debut EP ‘Microclimate’ via SoundCloud http://snd.sc/18Rrvjj

  19. Hi there,

    I’m promoting a sound art exhibition. Can you give me your address to send details?


  20. Hi there

    Hope all is well

    We got a wicked project coming up I thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves and tell you more about it.

    We are a non for profit gallery space in Hackney Wick, East London, focusing on New Media and Performance arts examining the relationship between the human body and technology.
    Our next project ‘The Structural Sound Project London’ with the artist Florian Tuercke will focus on the surroundings of Hackney Wick and fish Island and will give a new way to experience the area.

    Tuercke, primarily an urban sound artist, together with the help of arebyte gallery and the public will transform the area of Hackney Wick, East London and its surroundings, to one with the highest density of public microphones in the world and will offer a whole new experience of East London.

    The artist will assemble 300 mini-contact microphones which will be handed out to visitors of arebyte gallery to be installed in different locations in the vicinity of the gallery. The contact-microphones record sound-waves within solid materials and enable the listener to hear sounds which are normally inaudible to the human ear. Each microphone will be packed in a bag containing simple instructions and mounting material.

    We have just launched a crowdfunding campaign and would appriciate if you could help us spread the word about the project or even support the project yourself

    Link to Indiegogo – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/london-structural-sound-project/x/6926739
    arebyte website – http://www.arebyte.com/florian-tuercke/4583792754
    facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/structural.sound.project

    would be great if you could support our project and spread it around your followers

    Many thanks

    Nimrod Vardi

  21. York sound artist installs work in prestigious UK venues
    11/12/13 June 2014

    Theremin Bollards are innovative music sculptures and great fun!…

    Designed for music making without the need for technical skill, Theremin Bollards are inspiring instruments, that produce a rich tapestry of expressive sounds and will blow your mind… http://www.thereminbollards.com

  22. Hi, I am currently turning Suprematist geometry into aural soundscapes. Heres a link. Having a central place for London sound art is an amazing idea btw!


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