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Hacked Sound In Hackney

Gutted I’m going to miss this.

On the 7th of February is running a salon focusing on instrument building in the 21st century:

‘The discussion, which will be moderated by The Wire‘s Deputy Editor Frances Morgan, will examine the aesthetic, political, economic and technological potentiality (and limits) of building or rewiring new sonic tools, as well as exploring the current scene’s links with hacker and DIY culture. As part of the discussion each panelist will demonstrate examples of their own custom built gear.’

Here’s the event’s website:

Definitely worth heading down if you can.


The Incredible Violin Trumpet

I was in Belfast earlier this week, a city that is full of interesting sounds.

One of the interesting noise-makers I came across was this Romanian man playing his ‘Violin Trumpet’. He told me that he made it back in 1982 out of the horn from a gramophone and a broken violin. He was busking in the centre of town. Definitely worth a couple of coins.


Whose Sounds? Our Sounds…

I’ve already put up some stuff about protest sound in Egypt and London here

But I thought I’d add some extra snaps of the DIY mobile sound systems that were everywhere at the anti-cuts march in November:

This tricycle was used as the PA at the Occupy London camp i think. Pretty noisey with hefty bass. For a tricycle.

The sound of the cardboard vultures of austerity.

Bicycle trailer crusader.

Brompton beats.

BD594: Undisputed King Of The Robotic Bands

James Cochrane, AKA BD594, is the Dr Moreau of 8-bit music.

Check it out:

Speaker Design And A Chicago Garden Party

There are plenty of people obsessed by speaker design.

Squatter types and the heads that know trade speaker plans here:

So that is the plan. But what is the outcome?

But not everyone is out to punish internal organs with seismic bass rays.

Some sound system builders would prefer to make ‘a “forest” of plant-shaped audio horn speakers powered by custom-made tube amplifiers’.

Instrument inventor Ian Schneller says his horn speakers excel at amplifying instruments that don’t usually come across well using a standard system, like harmonicas, banjos and violins.


Enter The Tin-Tone Zone aka Stoke Newington

I was trying to find a shop which sold second hand squash rackets in Stoke Newington when I stumbled upon Tin-Tone Guitars.


It’s worth clicking on the above link to hear their audio advert which is a masterpiece in its own right.

The now sound indeed


If you do head down to Stoke Newington it is also worth looking up Lucky Seven Records. Loads of vinyl singles 2p each – and you can spend hours checking them all out on a record player in the back room. Seriously recommended.

Sarah Angliss

Robots and noise are both good things. Sarah Angliss knows this.

This is photo of her performing a duet with a robotic theramin playing doll she created…

She’s planning to take part in an event in London’s derelict Battersea Powerstation later in the year. Check out her blog for more details.