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The Sound Of The Arab Spring In East London

Some of the world’s greatest arabic rappers are stopping off to talk about beats, rhymes and politics in the Docklands.

Definitely worth checking out.


America’s Best Classical Violinist Sucks At Busking

The Washington Post has been messing with people’s heads on the subway. As an ‘experiment’ they sent Joshua Bell underground to fiddle for spare change. According to the Post he played his violin well:

‘…it sobbed and laughed and sang — ecstatic, sorrowful, importuning, adoring, flirtatious, castigating, playful, romancing, merry, triumphal, sumptuous.’

Wow. Sounds pretty good. But the problem is busking is about the bottom line – and he only made $32 in 43 minutes. Not great.

But still a very interesting article.

Whose Sounds? Our Sounds…

I’ve already put up some stuff about protest sound in Egypt and London here

But I thought I’d add some extra snaps of the DIY mobile sound systems that were everywhere at the anti-cuts march in November:

This tricycle was used as the PA at the Occupy London camp i think. Pretty noisey with hefty bass. For a tricycle.

The sound of the cardboard vultures of austerity.

Bicycle trailer crusader.

Brompton beats.

I Am Delia Derbyshire…

…for as long as I use this strange tribute to the Radiophonic Workshop.

Something for those who are not a pioneers in magnet tape manipulation – but secretly think that is exactly what they would have been if they were born at the right time.

Not just someone who lives in the age of the internet and spends hours just dragging a mouse-pointer over some dark circles, triggering retro-sci-fi sounds…


Ah A Sound A Day For All The Swedish Synth Heads

And todays is particularly good.

Welcome to the monolog.

The Woman Behind The Wobbulator

A very nice Delia Derbyshire radio documentary. Imagine stumbling across her stash of tapes.

‘The broadcaster and Doctor Who fan Matthew Sweet travels to The University of Manchester – home of Delia Derbyshire’s private collection of audio recordings – to learn more about the wider career and working methods of the woman who realised Ron Grainer’s original theme to Doctor Who. ‘

The Economist Flogs The Amen Break Horse

A good story, but one that’s been told so many times before.
Does this article add anything new?