Sound System 2030

An artist's impression of what a Real Noise sound system may look like.

Sound System 2030: An artist's impression of what a Real Noise venue may look like.

A. Sound the alarm – A variety of alarm bells, car horns, smoke detectors and door bells are attached all over the walls of the venue. They can be turned on and off manually or in a programmed pattern using one of the Rotator Heads.

B. The Power – Chainsaws and belt sanders are hung around the venue and can be controlled by plungers in the control panel.

C. The blades – A dial allows the ceiling fans to be turned up to high speed. As well as producing a bassy ‘wurring’ noise they also create exhilarating gusts of cool air.

D. The Grind – Axel grinders and circular saws produce ear splitting screams and showers of sparks.

E. Pipes – Vibrating mechanisms are attached to the building’s water pipes, which can be manipulated to produce clanks, drones and bongs.

F. The washing machine wall – Washing machines of many kinds are piled up in one corner. This can be turned into a vibrating, wailing wall of kinetic carnage at the flick of a switch.

G. River sluice gate – By pulling on this chain you raise the sluice gates allowing a river to run through the trench in the centre of the dance floor – this can be manipulated to produce anything from a soothing tinkle to a furious roar.

H. Howling – These large men located at the back of the venue have dogs on leads. By giving the dogs bear hugs the men cause them to make a howling noise. The men with dogs also double up as bouncers and drug dealers.

I. Diesel – Two levers operate the accelerators of the diesel engines located on both sides of the venue. The engines can tick over (thump, thump, thump) or they can be revved hard to make a roaring noise. Exhaust fumes are channelled outside through pipes.

J. The Green Man – The bleeps of the dance floor’s pedestrian crossing have adjustable volume and tone.

K. Fog horn – The pressure of this powerful air horn can be controlled to produce various effects.

L. Boiler – The boiler has many different kinds of valves attached to it which all produce different sounds.

M. Jets – High pressure water jets hit different sized metal plates inside the dance floor’s water channel.

N. The drill – A pneumatic drill rigged on a pillar on the dance floor.

O. The geese – The geese move around the warehouse reacting to the other noise sources within the venue, responding with their own loud honking call.

P. Light – This light is activated by a switch on the control panel and signals to the large men, letting them know when they should squeeze their dogs.

Q. The Rotator Heads – These devices originally conceived by Ujino Muneteru are customised DJ turntables and can be used to mechanically operative other kinetic machines within the venue.

R. The control panel – The switches/plungers/dials mounted on this panel allow the noise devices to be operated manually.


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