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America’s Best Classical Violinist Sucks At Busking

The Washington Post has been messing with people’s heads on the subway. As an ‘experiment’ they sent Joshua Bell underground to fiddle for spare change. According to the Post he played his violin well:

‘…it sobbed and laughed and sang — ecstatic, sorrowful, importuning, adoring, flirtatious, castigating, playful, romancing, merry, triumphal, sumptuous.’

Wow. Sounds pretty good. But the problem is busking is about the bottom line – and he only made $32 in 43 minutes. Not great.

But still a very interesting article.


The Incredible Violin Trumpet

I was in Belfast earlier this week, a city that is full of interesting sounds.

One of the interesting noise-makers I came across was this Romanian man playing his ‘Violin Trumpet’. He told me that he made it back in 1982 out of the horn from a gramophone and a broken violin. He was busking in the centre of town. Definitely worth a couple of coins.