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Singing, Ringy, Tube Things

Everyone loves a good pan pipe session. But some love whole pipe thing more than others.

Arichitects Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu are two such people.

Back in 2006 they made the Singing Ringing Tree, a structure made of pipes welded together that are played by the wind.

It sounds a bit like this: ‘Wooooooo’.

Tonkin & Liu aren’t the only people into welding pipes together.

Eila Hiltunen also banged together a bunch of pipes in her tribute to Sibelius back in 1967. The Sibelius monument in Helsinki also gets ‘played’ by the wind, although this wasn’t a core part of the original plan.

Here’s a video of Sibelius fans swarming all around it:

And the panpipe-public-art-preoccupation doesn’t stop there. Artist Luke Jerram brought his wind powered sound sculpture ‘Aeolus’ to Canary Warf last year.

Another interesting project by Jerram is his ‘Plant Orchestra’. It amplifies the sounds of plants which are usually too quiet to here.

‘Using specialist microphones water can be heard as it flows slowly up the stem of a plant. The sounds created during the day are different to those at night and they alter with the seasons of the year. If trees are suffering from drought, scientists can measure acoustic emissions that occur caused by cavitation and embolism within the plant. ‘

here’s his website about the piece: